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Interview Alexa Brunet (photographer): „Marseille is like a phoenix“

Alexa Brunet, born in 1977, studied at the Art College of Belfast and the ENSP in Arles, lives in Marseille since 2002 and is part of the photographer collective Transit. fernlokal interviewed her about her view on Marseille, the European Capital of Culture 2013, the situation for creatives and the transformation of the city in the South of France.

What are you doing in Marseille?
I am a press photographer within a collective of six photographers based in Marseille and Montpellier, I live in Vauban area and my office is in National.

Marseille-based photographer Alexa Brunet: self-portray as a man

Where do you originally come from and why and when did you move to Marseille?
I am from Angers in the Loire Valley, I studied photography in Arles so I decided to move to Marseille after my diploma in 2002 and I stayed here.

Is Marseille a good place for creative people?
Yes, I think it is because it is a big mix of different cultures and the associative scene is very strong, lots of things are going on in the art scene especially in theater. But sometimes there are lots of initiatives but they don‘ t get realized – I mean there` s lots of chatting but few realizations.

How would you describe the city?
Laid-back, messy, blue, easy-going and harsh also.

What are the main problems of Marseille?
Dirt, rubbish, lack of dialogue for city affairs like transport (still no biking way!), corruption.

In which ways has Marseille changed during the years you have spent living here?
Poor areas have been „cleaned up“ to make them attractive for new people with higher standards like the „Rue de la Republique“, the tram has been made but with not so much difference from the metro network, the city looks generally renewed.

What do you think about the city politics like the modernization process and the program and events planned for 2013, when Marseille is going to be European Capital of Culture?
I think in some ways it is good for Marseille because it will attract new kind of people, funds for culture, events and so on. But I think it is not very fair for most Marseillais artists who want to propose something to the commitee because only a few structures will benefit from Marseille 2013.

In which ways are the modernization processes connected with negative
phenomena – for example that poor people were expelled from their homes at „Rue
de la Republique“ to renovate and upgrade the street?

Exactly that, Marseille is loosing some of its signature, that street is just empty and has no soul anymore. This happens with many places in the city center. Fortunately, Marseille is like a phoenix always rebirthing from its ashes and the transformations made by the politicians are often redirected and recycled by the people themselves.



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